„Transylvanica” from Batthyaneum Library, Alba Iulia (V): books from Cluj

Continuing researches on fund of libri transylvanici from Batthyanuem Library, this paper valorises 370 books printed in Cluj, in XVIIIth century. Identified copies are result of craft and cultural-editorial policy carried out some typographers such as Pataki József, Telegdi Pap, Simion Thadaeus Weichenberg et al. There are more printings published by renowned cultural and educational institutions, such as Collegium Reformatum, Lyceum Regium, Societas Jesu Claudiopolitana, bischofliche Schriften etc.

Similarly as in previous cases, within the article is debated affiliation of books to different domains of cultural and political interest: catalogues (12 titles); didactic works (60 copies); dictionaries (2 volumes); juridical printings (45 copies), history volumes (76 copies), oratory (6 works), volumes on politics (30 copies), theology (147 copies) etc. At the same time, are examined more handwritten notes and bookplates, which evidence circulation of volumes before entering the fund of encyclopedic book from Alba Iulia, inclusively their owners. From examination also resulted outlining of some libraries or collections, either private or institutional (Bibliotheca Magna Episcopalis; Bibliotheca Baronis de Szala; Bibliotheca Michaelis Fogarassy; Bibliotheca Conventus Háromszekiensis; Bibliotheca Conventus Vajdae Hunyadensis; Bibliotheca Societatis Jesu Cibiniensis; Bibliotheca Societatis Jesu Vásárhelyensis; Bibliotheca Seminarii Incarnatae Sapientiae Albae Carolinensis; Bibliotheca Residentiae Trinitatis Albae Carolinensis etc.).

(Iacob MÂRZA, „Transylvanica” la Biblioteca Batthyaneum din Alba Iulia (V): cărţi de la Cluj, în Revista Transilvania, nr. 4-5/2016, p. 120-126)